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Mary Scott, M.E.

Mary Scott has had quite a journey in the skincare industry, starting from Northern California and eventually establishing herself as a respected figure in Los Angeles. Her transition from the corporate world to opening her own day spa in Santa Rosa showcases her determination to pursue her dream of helping others through skincare.

With a natural inclination towards nurturing and healing, Mary has been instrumental in providing relief to her clients from various skin allergies and conditions, boosting their confidence and comfort with their skin. Her move to Los Angeles marked a pivotal point where she deepened her expertise in clinical skincare, working as a lead aesthetician and gaining significant experience in innovative skin treatments.

Mary’s dedication to learning and advancing in her field is evident from her tenure at a leading clinical skincare facility in LA, where she honed specialized techniques for treating problem skin and acne, including those pioneered by Dr. James E. Fulton. In 2018, seizing the opportunity of a new year, Mary took a bold step by opening her own skincare lab, marking a new chapter in her career where she continues to innovate and serve her clients with personalized skincare solutions. Mary Scott’s journey reflects not only her passion for skincare but also her entrepreneurial spirit and commitment to delivering exceptional care and results to her clients.

“My passion is skincare…I love helping others to achieve healthy beautiful skin and to teach them how to nurture it!” – Mary Scott

Elana-Shirley Parzivand, M.E.

Elana Shirley Parzivand is a registered nurse with a prior background of functioning as an esthetician trained by Mary Scott. After successfully helping clients with acne for years, Elana wanted to further her capabilities by working on a more invasive level that could only be accomplished with an RN license. Elana was born and raised in Brooklyn, NY until her adolescent years, and is a mom of two who is also an ICU nurse. She loves spending time with her family, working out, and cooking challenging meals on her off time!

Mary Karadolian, M.E.

Mary Karadolian, also known as M.K., hails from Northern California and holds a Bachelor’s degree in Public Health. She’s a licensed Phlebotomist and Esthetician, with a deep-rooted passion for skin health. M.K.’s personal experience battling cystic acne fueled her dedication to helping others achieve healthy, radiant skin. Her journey began as a client at Mary Scott Skincare, where she found relief and healing for her acne under the guidance of Mary Scott herself. Inspired by her transformation, M.K. became determined to educate others on proper skincare practices tailored to their individual concerns and needs. With a mission to empower her clients and boost their confidence, M.K. strives to provide not only effective skincare solutions but also comprehensive education. Through her expertise and genuine care, she aims to instill confidence in her clients, helping them embrace their natural beauty and feel comfortable in their own skin.

Sage Hayashi, M.E.

Sage Hayashi’s journey into the beauty industry started with a strong desire from a young age, despite societal pressures to pursue a traditional college path in child development. Her pivot during the pandemic, while working at Nordstrom, highlights her adaptability and determination. With malls closing due to COVID-19, Sage seized the opportunity to enroll in beauty school and obtain her esthetician license, a decision fueled by her passion for skincare, particularly her fascination with treating skin issues like severe acne. Finding a mentor like Mary Scott has been pivotal for Sage. Working alongside Mary, Sage feels a deep sense of belonging and growth in her chosen field. With having a mentor like Mary, Sage’s passion for skincare has flourished even further. Sage has not only enhanced her technical skills but also delved deeper into understanding specialized clinical treatments and innovative skincare regimens. Mary Scott’s expertise and guidance have provided Sage with invaluable insights into addressing various skin concerns effectively. This hands-on experience has fueled Sage’s enthusiasm for skincare, allowing her to apply her knowledge in personalized client care and treatment plans. Sage’s journey underscores the importance of following one’s passion and embracing opportunities for growth, even amidst challenging circumstances like the pandemic. Her dedication to skincare and learning alongside a mentor like Mary Scott positions her well for a fulfilling career in aesthetics.

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