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We will help you with all your skincare needs with a custom step-by-step home care routine, education, and helpful skin tips. We offer treatments and products for all types of skin.

Mary Scott, M.E.

Mary Scott, M.E., was born and raised in beautiful Northern California. After several years working successfully in the corporate world, she decided to pursue her dream and opened up her own day spa in Santa Rosa, California. A born nurturer and healer, Mary brought her patients relief from bothersome and embarrassing skin allergies and conditions, making them feel more comfortable and confident with their skin.

Mary moved to Los Angeles in 2004, and spent the next 7 years as lead aesthetician, client liaison, and marketing manager at a medical spa where she was constantly learning new and innovative skin treatments and regimens. When the opportunity to join one of LA’s leading clinical skincare came up in 2012, Mary brought her 17+ years of specialized clinical skincare experience to the team. Mary spent 5+ years as the Senior Lead Esthetician there where she learned Dr. James E. Fulton’s specialized technique for problem skin and acne. As 2018 approached, Mary took the opportunity of the new year to open her own unique skincare lab at our new location.

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Mary’s targeted unique approach to problem skin gives her the chance to really change patient’s lives. Giving someone the confidence that comes with healthy clear skin is something that Mary is passionate about. As our business grows and expands to include the latest technologies Mary and the team have the opportunity to offer not just problem skin treatments but also the newest most innovative beauty treatments. Her clients are extremely loyal and love the personalized experience and the genuine caring…and especially the glowing beautiful skin that they get when they book a treatment with Mary.

“My passion is skincare…I love helping others to achieve healthy beautiful skin and to teach them how to nurture it!” – Mary Scott

Elana-Shirley Parzivand, M.E.

Elana-Shirley Parzivand was born and raised in New York before moving to California in her adolescent years. Elana suffered from acne from the age of eleven, until she was under Mary Scott’s care. After receiving life changing results, and working in the esthetic-medical industry for five years as an office manager, Elana was inspired to start changing the lives of others through skincare herself. She took matters into her own hands, and received her esthetician’s license to work side by side with Mary Scott. Elana is still continuing her education, and is currently pursuing her Registered Nursing license in order to widen her capabilities of further helping her clients in the medical-skincare industry.

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